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NextGen Economy Podcast

We invite youth and young adults to accelerate ‘next generation’ conversations and invite young innovators and disruptors to share their ‘future-focused’ approach to economics (i.e. tokenomics, cryptocurrency, block chain, defi), governance (DAO, holocracy, non-hierarchy work/community).

Mar 26, 2022

ExI: Creating tools to empower Exponential Individuals Exponential

Individuals (ExI) Project was inspired by the best-selling book Exponential Organizations and asked the question:

What would an exponential individual look like? What will it take for a person to live an optimized, fulfilling life?

Formed as a joint...

Mar 12, 2022

Creativity Abounds through Young Minds on International Women’s Day

00:02:53 I am a 16-yr old innovator and entrepreneur with a preexisting NGO to create a sustainable lifestyle for women in India. I am also a huge advocate of IoT intersecting with blockchain to further help sustainable goals.

00:04:05 How did you...

Mar 6, 2022

Your avatar on the computer is different than on my mobile. And you happen to say that you're involved in an NFT project. Ebony, can you share a little bit about you.

Like I told you before, I'm very curious and experimental and I love to take action.

So a friend of mine, she's a UX designer. We were like, let's...