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NextGen Economy Podcast

We invite youth and young adults to accelerate ‘next generation’ conversations and invite young innovators and disruptors to share their ‘future-focused’ approach to economics (i.e. tokenomics, cryptocurrency, block chain, defi), governance (DAO, holocracy, non-hierarchy work/community).

Dec 3, 2021

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Create Your Own 30 Day Doubling Challenge to Build Engagement With Your Exponential Community - Interview with Niki Faldemolaei

Niki Faldemolaei is an Exponential Entreprenuer working in the ExO Economy to bring more community members into the utility token, value exchange space and growing the organization into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the ability to trade in the public exchanges, NFT markets and DeFi.

How did you get involved with Exponential Organizations? OpenExO Inc is a Public Benefit Corporation created by Salim Ismail, who was the co-founder and CEO of Singularity University. After teaching people about the mindset of exponential growth and expansion, he wanted an organization that was a bit more walking the talk, training people to actually do it. It’s a powerful incubation space so you can be successful in the emerging exponential world.

What sparked the 30-Day Doubling Challenge Idea? That was a moment of brilliance. I came in to help grow engagement in the community through the ExO Economy. So engagement was the mantra.

We came up with a list of 40 things and I thought, “Okay, what's the best way to get people to adopt this and actually do the behavior.” Because the token itself is actually three years old, but it's been private. It's a utility token.

The community is very functional and transacting with each other anyway. It was really easy to say, “Hey, let's do an advisor call. I'll send you 200 tokens to spend 30 minutes with you.” And it became the way to honor people's time. In the world of breaking glass ceilings and women in business being underpaid or underrepresented, this felt so much better.

And I'm so attracted to the fact that decentralization means diversity and inclusion. This organization is so international: 42 languages and 132 countries are represented.

How does the doubling challenge work? In the Exponential Organizations training, there is a diagram called the exponential curve that shows the difference between linear and exponential growth.

When you talk about linear progress, which is most businesses, it just goes in a straight line. You take 30 steps and you get 30 meters across the room. That’s the old way. That’s how corporations get stagnant. They get too big, bogged down, with hierarchy, governance and decision making.

So I said, “We’ve got to do something to prove the curve works.” If you do 30 doublings, that makes that curve go *whoop* (pointing straight up). There’s an inflection point where disruption is going to happen no matter what. So I asked, “What's a metric that's important to us?”

There were multiple: Let's grow our social media. Let's grow our membership. Let's have more people show up to events. Let's have people staking in the wallet, and downloading the wallet. Once we had this list, I thought, “We can do a 30 day challenge.”

At first it was 30 days, each day was a doubling. And then we did the math and realized you don't get to the knee of the curve until about 24 doublings. I can't engage people's attention for 24 days if they don't see any tokens growing in their balance sheet. And so I recommended 30 doublings at their own pace. People can complete it in a weekend.

We gave participants 0.002 tokens on day one of the challenge. 30 doublings later, they receive 10,737 tokens! And when people hit that, they feel like a phenomenal success. We included 20 activities for people to do to complete a doubling. We made it easy. Some of them you can do repetitively and others you can only do once. We included beginner, intermediate and advanced activities so it is inclusive.

Now we know that not only is the gamification important, but the automation too. So we can offer roles in the marketplace to help us build this out.

Now that people are engaged in the marketplace from their participation in the challenge, they are more actively engaged. People are taking Decentralized Finance seriously. Bitcoin was wobbly for the first few years. Now all of a sudden with the massive success, people are adopting it.

It's really important to hang out with people who think forward... futurists, anybody who's actually walking the talk. And that's part of the reason that engagement became the measurable thing for Exponential Organizations.

It's about coming back and engaging again, maybe hiring someone with your tokens, making another offer, or building another company. You don't need a nine-to-five job with one company anymore.

Every company in the next 10 years is going to be an exponential organization. Otherwise they won't exist. So this is a way to 10 X everything you're doing.

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