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NextGen Economy Podcast

We invite youth and young adults to accelerate ‘next generation’ conversations and invite young innovators and disruptors to share their ‘future-focused’ approach to economics (i.e. tokenomics, cryptocurrency, block chain, defi), governance (DAO, holocracy, non-hierarchy work/community).

Mar 6, 2022

Your avatar on the computer is different than on my mobile. And you happen to say that you're involved in an NFT project. Ebony, can you share a little bit about you.

Like I told you before, I'm very curious and experimental and I love to take action.

So a friend of mine, she's a UX designer. We were like, let's...

Jan 28, 2022

Island17 is a global online/offline multiplayer mission - based web3 game which is community owned and driven, with youth innovation and a gaming mindset at its core.

It’s a solution to what experts in impact investing and systems change and innovation saw missing around systems change & collective impact....

Nov 3, 2021

With these characteristics, NFT’s are incredibly versatile and present a whole array of new options for trading and exchanging value... The only real limitation is your own creative imagination.