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NextGen Economy Podcast

We invite youth and young adults to accelerate ‘next generation’ conversations and invite young innovators and disruptors to share their ‘future-focused’ approach to economics (i.e. tokenomics, cryptocurrency, block chain, defi), governance (DAO, holocracy, non-hierarchy work/community).

Mar 12, 2022

Creativity Abounds through Young Minds on International Women’s Day

00:02:53 I am a 16-yr old innovator and entrepreneur with a preexisting NGO to create a sustainable lifestyle for women in India. I am also a huge advocate of IoT intersecting with blockchain to further help sustainable goals.

00:04:05 How did you influence your parents to allow you to travel without them to fly to ETH Denver for a week? It took about a month.

00:06:38 A lot of adults trying to innovate in this space are not native to the technology. How many of you accept help from your Gen Z kids? 100% raised their hands. So why aren’t we asking them to use their technology and creativity to solve for the future?

Heidi previously shared that her son Cody felt that online school is completely boring. Students feel cut off from their lifelines of social interactions. Standardization - School system opportunities to come into the future.

On the bright side, quarantine inspired teens to start businesses, work into earning via decentralized cryptocurrency and made digital music, art and NFT’s.

00:07:35 What do you see was the opportunity to change the education process? Hackathons provide real world simulations of what is our potential.

What is your view of income-producing actions in Crypto, NFTs or smart contracts.

00:12:38 The entire process of staking, minting, investing and royalty funds are not biased. There is not much to lose. Very beginner-friendly.

“If this can be accessible to anyone and everyone, we have the potential to revolutionize society. Everyone would have a way to produce income without sacrificing their passions.”

~ Bonisha Maitra


Women in general are under-represented in this space.  The magic of events that brings like minds together provides those breakthrough moments when it all fits and you find yourself at ease and in flow.

00:18:24 The aha moment for Bonisha, described. Why am I holding back? Brains don’t have any gender.

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