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NextGen Economy Podcast

We invite youth and young adults to accelerate ‘next generation’ conversations and invite young innovators and disruptors to share their ‘future-focused’ approach to economics (i.e. tokenomics, cryptocurrency, block chain, defi), governance (DAO, holocracy, non-hierarchy work/community).

Jan 28, 2022

Island17 is a global online/offline multiplayer mission - based web3 game which is community owned and driven, with youth innovation and a gaming mindset at its core.

It’s a solution to what experts in impact investing and systems change and innovation saw missing around systems change & collective impact. Gamification is proven as a systems-changing groundbreaking way to solve complex problems with a new mindset - one case in point is the FOLD-IT case study mentioned in Yu-Kai Chou’s TEDx Talk: gamification to Improve our World.

We are utilizing the Octalysis framework integrated with 6 years of programming through Dream Tank, and Yu-Kai Chou is one of our advisors and members of our “Braintrust Jedi Council” and existing founding members of Island17.

  • Problem-solving and funding network for the best ideas to address humanity’s greatest challenges
  • Infrastructure for collective impact groups
  • Self-motivated gamified and proven method by which to bring together minds to collaborate on real-world problems
  • Community owned and driven, with youth innovation at its core. 
  • Using the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals within a global online/offline multiplayer mission – based game 
    • Collective rule-making experience-  ex: Instead of cans, could be fountains springing from the ground
    • Datasets from the ground plugged in
    • Local action based on actual datasets
    • Learn & earn
    • Play to earn
    • Infrastructure to motivate people to come together to tackle a big advancement for humanity
    • Have to have the big ideas first
    • We know how to motivate people to take action together


“We have these islands. Each of these islands is like a village. Each of these villages has their own set of “issues” / problems that need to be addressed. These might be real-world problems they’re experiencing. This is a method by which to reach into the people… whether it’s the people of Nepal or our children or battered women. They get to come up with solutions, having either experienced it — e.g. people of Nepal, maybe they have great ways of organising government— you don’t want an organised group of people… there are going to be some topics that governments aren’t going to want to address. Villages on an island. Join a village. Here are the working group. Solutions for a problem.”


  • Island 17 builds on the backbone and gamifies Dream Tank’s DREAM-DESIGN-LAUNCH hero's journey-based social impact accelerator programming.  Six years of learning and working with youth through Dream Tank yielded 1000s of young social entrepreneurs solving local and global challenges including 3 laws changed, several patent pending sdg-based innovations, and more. 
  • 17 stands for the 17th Sustainable Development Goal which is partnerships – as we can’t achieve any significant change in the world without creating the conditions for economically driven, self-motivated collaboration. 
  • We incorporate impact-based tokenization incentives into a blockchain ecosystem to allow players/users to not only design businesses, but find funding for their ideas and solutions as well. 
  • Island 17 will allow us to reach millions of youth worldwide and catapult our collective impact across generations. 
  • More background and context here in this Dream Tank CEO update email.


We are building Island 17 with a Braintrust of cross sector leaders we call “jedi’ in their zone of genius. That includes young people from ages 7 and up, and the young at heart.